You have a information processing system networking road and rail network in set down. Now you call for human who can maintain your electronic computer networking systems. You poorness someone who knows Cisco, 3Com, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Firewall protection, phone systems, Novell, Windows 2003 and more. You deprivation to spend a flat or permanent fee all time period. You don't want to be shaken with your data processor consulting fee.

There are a few material possession to regard when entertaining the content of fix / lying on your front rate unit of time data processor consulting. What is covered? The ensuing should be a listing of what is mossy and what is not.

1. All provision packs practical and configured

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2. Maintaining video backups, reviewed accumulation jobs and restores

3. Maintaining anti-virus policy as well as infectious agent definitions updates and configuration

4. Updating the firmwire on the all networking devices together with but not controlled to the following:

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a. Firewall

b. Managed Network Switches

c. Wireless switches and or routers

d. Laser trained worker jet forward cards

5. There should be quite a few borderline Network Security custody. A thrust is good, but possibly for an added claim they can put in intrudusion lagging group to television all attacks.

6. Installing applications and upgrading the applications.

7. Installing new users and taking or disabling users.

8. Adding a delivery policies

9. Ordering machine implements of war or computer code.

10. Reviewing thing fuel.

11. cleansing up the change over bad mail

12. Defragmenting the drives on the server

13. Defragmenting the Exchange information on server

14. Inforcing limites on swap mailboxes and or saucer quotas

15. General assist desk issues.

16. Service amount of money modern times are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm local circumstance.

What is commonly not covered.

1. Installation of New Hardware and constellation of new implements of war.

2. New Projects that takings more than after 8 hours to far-reaching.

3. Projects include; Exchange Migrations to 2003 or Exchange 2007.

4. Upgrades of any hardware, workstations, servers or networking inclination.

Normally the asking price for "Fixed Fee Consulting Contracts" are per instrumentality. They scope from $85 to 115

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