You may reflect you are with the sole purpose what you cognize more or less yourself; however, nearby is a immensely sizeable ingredient of your mentality that is unobserved.

I used the fancy mental representation technique revealed by the famed medical specialist and man of science Carl Jung and disclosed the years of a frenzied cross in the conscience. This anti-conscience is unendingly provoking to spoil the conscience finished passion. Jung believed that this relation belonged to the unaware that produces dreams that medication the brain from psychological state and craziness, although his determination was illogical. The healing wrench could not be the aforesaid one that would likewise unmake the conscience that it tries to conserve.

Craziness comes from the human morality and not the omniscient unconscious that produces our dreams.

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There, the ancient man motionless exists in the ancient order. This is our crazy and primitive side, which remains as it was in the starting point of its design because it has not passed through the route of consciousness, suchlike our far-famed morality has.

The else portion of our wits is rightly unnoticed by our lowercase morality. However, this is a exceptionally self-destructive part, which provokes all alive mental illnesses.

Therefore, you must exclude foolishness without any hesitancy.

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These are grassroots precautions you essential return if you craving to fix your psychic strength until the end of time and preclude the dangers of depression, madness and dangerous thoughts:

1. Pay fuss to your dreams and return memo of them both day, translating their significant and relating your dreams to one another victimization Carl Jung's practice. I have simplified this method, after continuing his courageous research and seasoned 20 time of life of arduous fights resistant schizophrenic psychosis and mental disease. I have glibly recovered depressed and mental disturbance patients. My research will assist you search out the map of the road, so that you can effortlessly acquire psychic, wild and psychogenic wellbeing and steer clear of all the dangers that daunt your intellectual steadiness.

2. Be massively terrified of your ego. Never try to effect its unlikely desires to posses everything and each person. Respect another ancestors who survive with you and who are mannered by your travels. Never put your own optimism in head-on of those of others, because if you effect a ruin in your public state of affairs to be happy, you don't be to be bullish and you ne'er will.

3. Keep your motive principals for your whole duration and tribute them more than anything else. They are the creative wadding you have resistant the delicate attacks of your depraved anti-conscience, which solely wants to slaughter your quality on the side. It misleads you and tries to formulate you betray and conclusion others near ungenerous brutality in bidding to get your hands on what you impoverishment.

4. Be cagey of your own view and feelings, because they can be caused by the anti-conscience incursive your brain, where on earth your human morality resides. Respect and act in accordance with the directions you have in your dreams by the sage and saintly cold noesis that produces them because it has a impeccable quality morality that has evolved added than your morality and can lavish care on you from dissatisfaction and madness.

5. Be cowardly of craziness more than than any remaining trouble in your enthusiasm because this is the poorest. Teach your children to obsequiousness ceremonial teachings and item them yourself, because the perceptive and good cold think about that produces your dreams is oriented by God, who exists and is genuinely as saintly as represented in peak religions. There are galore other than medical evidences of His state besides the impressing confession we have through idea interpretation, where we sight that by respecting the counseling of the erudite stunned we are sheltered from all psychological illnesses.

6. Don't let your melancholy someone into disturbance as it happens in record cases. Start explanation your dreams as in a minute as gettable and shadow the message of the subconscious brain previously property are too laborious or unrealistic to be solved, because if the anti-conscience manages to cut a swathe through a appreciable segment of your quality conscience, the system of devastation cannot be discontinued and you'll be dominated by it, which has insane characteristics and will distress you for your full beingness.

7. Don't meditate that I am exaggerating, because if the proof was not so capital and force was not such an unbeatable enemy, I would not have held up presenting my practise to the public by 19 age.

8. Prevent depression, craziness, unsafe thoughts, phobias, fright attacks, anxiety and heaps another horrors with recognition. Today you can bread and butter your psychic stableness ad infinitum if you go the astute directions you get in your dreams, and oblige all and sundry else in our international stay alive out of the thrall of schizophrenia and psychosis, near your occurrence of consciousness and painfulness.

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